Journal- Mid Week 'minders

This week in the kitchen I am focusing on growing our sourdough to share with friends and list members and learning some new recipes! Will share our favorites on the next Twisted Tuesday post.

This week, I have simply not been able to get a handle on the garden! I need to revamp the garden space and get the rest planted!  I have been procrastinating because I had hoped to borrow a tiller but that may not happen... time for the shovel! Oh my back hurts already but it will so be worth it!

If I could have my dream pantry it would be able to hold a year supply of dry gods and have a cold cellar for all the things like potatoes, gourds and fruit that keep best that way like apples. Since we have a large family this would a feat in itself! It would need to be central to the kitchen and also house my grain grinder and grain roller in a usable fashion.

The one place other than where I am that I might like to live is Alaska. Never been there but it sure is pretty.I have family that has lived there and My husband love loves it there. He has family there.  We are working to be as sustainable as we can be so that would be a great test! lol

I know I need to clean the broody coop to get our little chicks into for Thursday and continue my research on a fiber animal for to eventually be making our clothes from. Wont that be so awesome!!! Not to have to purchase our clothes!?

Can you see why a homestead type thing in Alaska seems so appealing?!

One response to “Journal- Mid Week 'minders”

tamie.c said...

We have talked about moving to Alaska ourselves. The only drawback would be the cold. As we get older the cold seems to make life a little more miserable. Can't do the bugs in hot climates. I guess Washington State is where I will stay, highest taxes and all, at least for now!