Twisted Tuesday!

For our 'Twisted Tuesday" We will be sharing with each other what has come about, been tried, tested or created in our kitchens during the past week. Please leave comments in the comment section below and we will have great fun with this. I will also Figure out how to get Mr. Linky working so we can have some linky love! I love it! lol

Today DD9 whipped up yet another cake. She loves cake what can I say? ( gramma says she has to stop making her eat cake! lol )This time she made a basic chocolate cake and wanted to use her newfound love of coconut milk for the frosting.

So the little all star gets on line and finds a recipe for Coconut Milk Frosting! Yay DD9! I am, as always, impressed by her.

Now this recipe is WAY to much so I scaled it down for her and she went to it. It was fabulous! It was not quite working out in the bowl so we decided to try it in the blender. When all was said and done she had a wonderful frosting that was not overly coconut flavored and to be honest quite good minus the slivers of wooden spoon... ( my fault can you believe it! sorry honey!)

So I went to whip up some more only to discover that she had used the last of the butter and although I am in the process of making butter today it has been a particularly tough batch of goat butter and is not ready, sigh. So I twisted!

This is hands down the most amazing frosting I have ever had! ( and i hate coconut and always thought I was allergic till I found out it was only the fake flakes )

Our Coconut Milk Frosting:

5-7 tablespoons of coconut milk
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon almond ? (optional)

I did not add the 4 specs of salt or the almond and this was still amazing. We drizzled it on the cut cooled but still warm cake and let it soak in a little and permeate the cake and it is fluffy and moist and I wish I had my camera for you!

This frosting would also be wonderful on Wardeh's spice cake that she shared on her twister blog today! GNOWFGLINS Foundation
Gods Natural Organic Whole Foods Grown Locally IN Season
Is an amazing blog and resource! Her eCourse in the fundamentals of whole foods preparation is now a "pay as you can" course. The 13 lessons are each amazing with printouts, pictures and how to videos. Very straight forward and simple, traditionally prepared foods that are healthful to our bodies. Join me as we twist our way through this eCourse and I will see you next Twisted Tuesday to here about your kitchen excitement!

What have you Twisted up in your kitchen this week?

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