My woes with doughs

Well I began my new sourdough starter with rye following the instructions in the new sourdough eCourse (see sidebar) the other night and went to bed with happy thoughts! The next morning nothing :( A good stir for aeration and let it set some more!...I hate waiting!

Next check after a total of 24 hrs and there is, maybe, a bubble or two!?...maybe.

The next morning there is definitely sign of life!!! Yay! Food for the masses that I hope are hungry in there.

Also about this time I was realizing that all I had to do was convert a small amount of my other starter into rye starter so without thinking I added a spoonful of it to this starter. Oops :( So much for that experiment with my own starter! I am still excited through it all and will try again soon :)

The best way to get a starter going (or simplest at any rate) is obviously to get some from someone else. But having the necessary skills and knowledge is always a blessing! Thanks so much for all you do Wardeh and for the great and rather thorough instruction Erin! Kudos!

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