Stinging nettles and Rye?

What has been going on here this week? Wow!

We have started our journey through the GNOWFGLINS sourdough eCourse and since I have my own wonderful old starter I am going to start a rye starter today! Yippee!

Why the nettles? I have strayed away from my days of cupboards full of herbs and lost much of my hard won knowledge :( I came across the HerbMentor website and could not resist! It is awesome and self paced. Multimedia. Has it all and makes it oh so simple :)

Nettles are very healthful for you in so many ways! Did you know the juice from the nettle can ease the discomfort (lets face it agony!) of the stinging nettle sting? Woot! It heals itself lol who knew! But it makes total since when you think about it. I love it!

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