Thankful Thursday: What are you thankful for today?

I am thankful for my family! I love my husband. It seems like there is no task that he is not able to do. Granted he is also quite busy and does not always have the time but he is just amazing :) 

I am thankful for a community of service and that I often have opportunities to serve as well. I always feel like I gain more from serving those I serve ever gain from me. And its fun!

Oh! Check this out! Last but not least...

All the things that fit where my dishwasher used to be :)
  • Seven 5+ gallon buckets of bulk grains etc.
  • 1 case of rice that is different from whats in the buckets
  • Lots of space right on top of those for jars (carefully!) or #10 cans (more likely)
  • Some space to the side for...?
  • Enough room in front to hang a spiffy curtain or put in doors like hubby wants to (but will not likely have the time to make in the near future as he is often out of town)
I am so glad I gave my dishwasher to Free-cycle :) the folks that received it were so happy and now I can use that space for something useful! 

Right now it is a mess but I am still thankful for the useful space!

What are you thankful for?

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3 Responses to “Thankful Thursday: What are you thankful for today?”

Love that you got rid of your dishwasher and are making good use of your space:)

Teri does that mean you won;t be getting a new dishwasher? If so good on you! We were just at a small cabin with a tiny early century metal sink and cabinet and I actually preferred it. I end up washing most the dishes by hand anyway and scrub the heck out of what I put in the dishwasher so I may as well! I'm not buying any of that info that says you use less water in the dishwasher. You just need to get a small dish tub like my grandma used!

Teri Gelseth said...

Definitely NOT replacing it! No way! It still worked fine in fact...for a dish washing machine. We always did them by hand and ran it anyway. Then we decided to stop running it and use it as a drying rack, but, that meant water build up in the bottom as it doesn't drain unless its running EWW!

I have deep sinks and a washing tub and now I have more space for things I actually need.

Incidentally, I live in and old log cabin in the woods by the bay :) Too cute!

Now if only we had a bit more land!

And a boat of course :D