Yogurt Cheese (labneh) and Yogurt

This  Cream Cheese substitute is Fun and simple. A wonderful starting point for any budding cheese maker!

Supplies needed:

Medium size mixing bowl or other wide mouth container such as a pot
Large cloth napkin or tea towel (non Terry)
Rubber band or string
Strainer or colander for piece of mind :)


1   32oz container of plain yogurt
1   tsp or so of salt


Line colander with cloth and place on bowl or other container. Pour yogurt into cloth lined colander. Gather up the edges to form a bag and hang or suspend bag over the bowl to drain. The colander is not needed I use it for piece of mind in case my bag falls. Some people simply leave the bag in the colander covered over with its own edges and do not hang this works as well. Leave to drain for several hours. 7 hours or even over night would be perfect :) Salt to taste.

You now have a spreadable cheese for the morning bagel or you could add salt herbs and onions for an herb spread or fruit and some sweetener for a fruit spread! You will never want  store bought again!

This should also leave you with about 12 oz of whey to be used in your cooking, fed to your pets or you plants.See note on whey at bottom of post :) Enjoy!

IF you would like to make your own yogurt to create your cheese from it i not so hard either! Did you know yogurt is considered a cheese? Cool huh!

Supplies needed:

Pot with lid (or use plate for lid) or double boiler if handy
Kitchen thermometer


!/2 Gallon milk (NOT ultra pasturised it will not make anything)
small container of plain yogurt


Bring milk to 185 F in your pot stirring constantly to prevent scorching (unless in double boiler) boiling is unnecessary. Cool milk in sink of cold water or simply let stand until it reaches 110-115 F. Add 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt to the milk and stir well. Keep milk no cooler than 110 for 7 hours. I put a lid on it and put it in my warmed and turned off oven with the light left on overnight. This works very well for us. 

If you make your yogurt cheese form this yogurt you will have yogurt left over for your enjoyment as well as eating the yogurt cheese. Feel free to add vanilla and sweetener to it for a vanilla yogurt or add some fruit as well for the yogurt of your choice! Have fun with it and dont forget to share in the posts below!

NOTE: Whey is also used to make cheeses like Ricotta and Mysost and the whey will keep in the fridge for 6 months.

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