New site update

I need to apologize :-(

I  was so excited to be back on the internet that I promised to ramp back up as we got into Thanksgiving. Allowing myself about a month to get back in gear (and also get the new website i have planned all ready!) I was so consumed with working on the website, and other unforseen family commitments that I spent more time on the website then I should have in order to meet my promise.

Please bear with me the new site, is a work in progress but I do want to continue blogging while working on the site. Any suggestions are always welcome! Anyone familiar with WordPress is great too ;-)

At this point I have learned a few things but haven't been able to customize it quite right or properly migrate the blogs I run since I have multiple.

When it is done it should be seamless even for your RSS feeds.

Make sure to join my mailing list for tips and updates.

I will work hard to get everything fixed up in a jiff!

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