Your number on most all important need...?

God and family are the number one things in the lives of most Christians.

Living, loving and learning. Teaching our children all that they need to know to get where they are going in life and beyond. An attitude of gratitude and of service to others. That is our mission as parents. As aunts and uncles and cousins. Even friends and neighbors. Whom ever you consider family.

While this all holds true for myself and for many of my readers that is not what I am referring too.

Whether we are talking about hiking and biking or emergency preparedness, home storage or everyday in some cases YES even here in the U.S.A. you MOST important number one need is pure drinking water.

My goal today is simply to raise awareness and provide a few 'over the counter' options for putting your heart at ease with this matter as well as why water and most importantly pure water is so important to every living creature including YOU and ME.

Did yo know that if your thirsty you are already dehydrated? So many of us expect to just be able to have water. Hot water whatever every time we turn on the tap and many of us on PUD water or city water are oblivious to the contaminants many of which were added purposely 'for your benefit' buy the authorities. Such as bleach and fluoride.

Now depending on the bleach and if theres no fluoride and the water is other 'good' you may simply leave you water on the counter and the bleach will dissipate via evaporation and leave your water.

The rest of you may need a filtration system and some level or another in your home be it a pitcher, a faucet filter or a home filter. Some of these are very spendy but if your water is really awful... and as most people know or are learning you skin is like a sponge. For my family, if we wont eat it (well its ingredients in ) we wont put it on our skin. (OK OK OK I where makes up twice a year or so... max. as you can see in my profile pic)

Suffice it to say our skin soaks up the good and the bad.

Then there is the emergency water aspect. Do you have enough stored? DO you know how to store it? How much to store? Do you have a filter handy or iodine or anything to get yourself water in a crisis or minor emergency? Do you have the supplies and know how to make a water distillery out of nothing? Probably not the latter for most people and for almost all of you I am betting even if you have water stored its stale, its not enough and it not portable if, God forbid, you have to evacuate. I highly recommend a portable good quality filter.

There are many at reasonable prices but I will list a few with some pics and links at the end of this post. I will try to find a pic and link for the one we have right now.

We hike and bike and our out ( practically live in it anyway) the wilderness a LOT and you can't carry enough water to take every situation into account and its heavy! The kids lose there bottle or pouch. The camel springs a leek. It's just good practice to have one cause lets face it... can you trust that stream? That is such a sad question :-( but the honest truth is that you may not be able to.

About 70% of your body is water. Almost the entire other 30% is lipids (read fats) and you cannot live without water for very long. Many sources say 3 days in any situation where you are in any danger or doing any activity at all... such as searching for water when your unprepared :-( please I implore don't put yourself in that position!

So. Have good drinking water for you daily needs.

Store 1 gallon per person per day AND one gallon per pet per day for everyone in your family for at least as many days as you can find a nook and cranny to stash a jug of water. It doesn't take a lot of space or a lot of time or even a lot of money. If you set yourself a little reminder and be diligent about it you can package your own as long as you rotate it and refresh those containers of water on a regular basis. Keep in mind this only speaks to personal potable water and not any hygiene etc. I will address proper storage and quantities in a later post.

Please don't think... oh that dog is drinking out of that puddle or if that cat can drink so can I, in an emergency. Ew. You will get so sick and be even worse off.

I pray we only ever have to worry about day to day water and a day or so without power now and then. I am not a doomsday, negative glass half full person but I do believe that knowledge and and ampule of prevention/ preparedness go a long way. It is smart, it is wise.

Now of course there are other ways to purify your water and some great do it yourself ways. Some can be done on the fly and so you can make a new one later or when you set up a different camp etc. Some require buckets or barrels of sand and are not portable at all but good for some circumstances and I will visit those in later posts because DIY is always so fun!

But here are some lightweight portable options that will get you ready with something like right now fast if that is where your mindset is.

Remember that you can set your tap water on the counter to 'air out' in many places. A caution with this. If there is fluoride in your water it wont help. Also there are 2 main types of (ill just call it) bleach that is used in the water supply in the states. This only works with the most common one so please check with the authorities to find out what is added to your water supply so you know how to combat it. For example that Britta tm filter might not be all its cracked up to be.

My most important message is to be knowledgeable. Empower yourself! You may decide you are perfectly fine with your public water supply and you don't care what comes out of the tap as long as it's clear. OK. :-)

SO here a few pics with links if you are interested. Please share other links or filter options you have or used in the comments section below along with DIY ideas etc.

This is a really novel idea from Auquamira tm literally a filter in a straw for 20 gallons of personal drinking water. pretty cool concept actually. imho. Found at with a host of others including at least 3 different katadyn filters, precanned ore rpeboxed water and various levels of self storage systems if you want to go that route. again just for reference.

This is a paratrooper style one from

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