Twisted Tuesday 7 27 2010

If at first you don't succeed try, try again!

This has been a very hectic week for us. We have had some illness in the family and it has been very troubling to us. SO... this post is more what has not been twisting in our kitchen this week and how it has effected us or not effected us. You will have to read on to see!

I am very happy to say that one of our dear friends came by today. She had a look see at our little buck and came bearing unexpected presents of GOLD!!! Liquid gold that is! With the pro-biotic pearls that make all that gold right inside! We finally have some dairy Kefir grains!!!!!!! Woot! What a happy Tuesday morning :)

This week as i have been so concerned with my family I have been a total slacker.

I have not:

Soaked any grains
made any sourdough bread
made in bread at all
made any yogurt
made any cheese

In fact I have not made much of our food at all! All because our family was sick and I was a scatter brain and now we are paying the price. I was so delighted to tell my Nurse Practitioner that I had not had a migraine in months thank you very much. Well I broke that record after eating non grass fed meat that was certainly not organic either. I will NEVER do that again! I would rather starve and have blood sugar problems :'(

I also have not had any problems with irritable bowels since we switched to soaking our grains and eating primarily sourdough. Plus all the yogurt we make has been a huge help for sure epecially with some of us on antibiotics right now. But wait... I haven't been making yogurt and the last is gone and drum roll please, we have been eating store bought bread and deli food. We have been out and running so much for testing. In fact last night we ate at, eep! Wendy's! I know can you believe it? Arrrrrrrrrg! I don't do these things! I though it would be OK just once.

Oh dear me I will not be doing these things ever again! Just speaking for myself alone with the migraine that wouldn't quit and the cramping about like giving birth I will make the time. I will make a list instead of thinking about making that list next time I feel overwhelmed with our schedule.

In fact I will go make that list now! So I don't have to make it in the heat of the moment and put it off because I don't ever want to feel this way again!

Last but not least I find myself very dehydrated. I have been working on this all day and still the room is spinning as I sit here typing...good thing I don't need to see the keyboard. I certainly hope I don't have to many spelling errors. The more I try to think or concentrate the more it hurts :(

If I forget to post that list you make sure and keep me accountable! Who knows, it may help you start your own :) It will be going into my control journal with my other routines...why wasn't it there already? Hmmm.

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