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This is Part of The Christian Homekeepers weekly blog hop. It keeps my grounded, it keeps me sane, it helps me remember why am doing some of the things that I am doing and it helps me connect with others more and more especially since we live rurally and plan someday to be even more remote! I love the blog hops and even though I know some of the prompts can be controversial I have chosen to participate. 
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The ways that being a Christian has made a difference in my life …..are vast. I learn and progress in my journey towards Christ like action, however slowly, a little each day. With my family in tow this makes a huge statement. I am all about my children and there future.
I believe that knowing Jesus and being a Christian has made me a better mother because …….I now understand, more and more each day it seems, the plan of salvation and what Jesus truly wanted for us. What Jesus truly went through for us. All of us. As children of a loving heavenly father I can only hope to pass that message on and strive to more like him every day. I pray to be a good example of hime to my children but I know I must also teach them of him and how to learn of him on there own. I know my children are learning to love the scriptures and the quiwt time in the spirit which the reading brings.
I know that being a Christian has made me a better wife because …..I am more patient and understanding with my husband and he with me because of it. I know that we are part of a  much bigger picture in the scheme of things and I know we have to strive together if either of us which to reach any of our goals. We are one and we are equal. Now we must be equal to the task! 
The way I respond to others is affected by my relationship with God through Jesus and is obvious when …. other people are apologetic to me. I am able to empathetic enough to see there point of view and they are often more upset with themselves, by far, than I would ever be with them. We are all to hard on ourselves and often for the wrong reasons.
The way I respond to pain and/or bad things coming into my life is different from non-believers in these ways …..I simply pray for guidance. I also know that this trial is to teach me something or prepare me for a greater service that I am not yet ready to perform. And I know that this too shal pass :)...eventually. Im not perfect you know!
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