Mid Week Missions

This weeks mission for our family!

Take it easy!

We had a rough week last week and we are all recovering. This week we are going to take it easy and get back to basics :) Things have slowed down just enough that this really is OK and so needed. Besides...next week is going to be a tough week and we are rolling into Fair time for these 4-H kids too!

So much to do and so little time but this week is ours!

To Do:

Put all the appointments and important dates on the schedule.
Reup written routines and put them in our journals as our lives are slowly changing as we learn more and more about Sustainable living.fami
Post our routines here for all to see
Drink lots of water
BREATH! We need it!

2 Responses to “Mid Week Missions”

A.R.Ambler said...

I am thankful to live in a place where food grows naturally. :) Thanks for being a part of Simple Lives Thursday!

Teri Gelseth said...

Mid week missions are helpful and the simple life is awesome :)

Where do you live?