Mending fences and Monday minders and Accomplishments

We mended the fence but not before the goats got out and into the neighbors tomatoes! Neither the neighbors nor our family were home at the time :( Oh dear! I suppose it doesn't matter that I gave her that tomato? … not so much. Have I mentioned they don't like animals? Not good. I feel terrible.


The barn has not been cleaned out as of yet. We got a good start on it but we are not done.

I have the design figured out for how I am going to redo the bunny portion of the barn. Did I tell you we bread some bunnies! Yay! We should have some babies in a few weeks! Keep your fingers crossed! Woot!

Must get on the firewood situation for winter.

Need more hay! Ahk! You cannot grow alfalfa in W Washington :(

Mend the fence. You guessed it. One of the goatlettes has figure out how to get out...again!

Need to finish getting the 'yards' and driveway cleaned up and get out the scythe to mow the tall grass :) Free grass hay! Now if only we can master the art of a proper hay stack! I have the gist but I am still thinking it is easier said then don. It must shed rain.... and we live in a temperate rain forest.

Till till till more of the yard to enlarge the garden.

Finish choosing winter veggie crops and start a plan for spring

Continue de-cluttering junk out of the house and organizing what is left. What we don't need the kids can sell at our families annual 'summer camp' for a fundraiser. They love it! This year we are Camp GIA. I cant take all the credit for this idea but it gets the kids involved in all the work and cleaning and they have fun doing it so I can't resist! Check out the Flylady page that explains this concept here! The rest of course goes to Pickens :)


The chickens you ask? Well the excess roosters are surely in someones freezer or pot! I regret that they are not in mine but I thank God all the time for freecycle! Would you have thought to list something like that on freecycle? Well we do around here all the time. Very rural and tons of farmers and small farms like ours. I was so surprised and thrilled to see that the folks who showed up to collect them were from our favorite farm! I was blessed to help feed the people that help feed me :)

SO this post has been super but I haven't been able to get online at home for a few days and wanted to share all we have accomplished along with the minders :) I have taken some of the material out and will do a separate article on chicken housing :)

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